Game Plan for my Major Project

Artwork by VectorMine

Research Through Design to Help People Help Others

Tomorrow is Coming by Hurca!™

Designing the future: Speculative Design

Designing for the future is like having your own time machine. You will be tempted to fly to Utopia, but you will find it is necessary to stop by at Dystopia for a short visit, to create your Neutropia.

Trying to choose the right way by Dumitru Ochievschi

What would you choose?

My first reaction to the previous question was-

Faceless by James Oconnell

Do you know which is the most difficult question to answer?

It is when someone asks you: “So, can you tell me about yourself?”

Futuristic space beauty city by Pixel Point

But the question that stumped me the most before I could start was: Who will believe a scenario that did not even exist?

Sohana Mohanty

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